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Ana Vidovic’s Gorgous Grande Ouverture Op. 61

Ana Vidovic is one of my favorite classical guitarists. The way her fingers scale up and down the neck of the guitar is memorizing to watch, and not to mention, to listen to. I feel transported to a new world listening to her.

I am astounded watching her play with such finesse and grace. After listening to this gorgeous piece, I’m inspired to pick up my own guitar and play something new. Watching phenomenal musicians like Ana always inspires me.

Music That Soothes the Soul

Music to Soothe Your Soul: Bach’s Goldberg Variations Performed by Glenn Gould

Bach’s Goldberg Variations are supremely unique works of magic and grace.

Made famous by Glenn Gould in the twentieth century, the Canadian pianist’s performance released in 1955 made him instantly famous.

For Bach, the complete work consists of one aria with 30 variations for piano and was first published in 1741.

I am starting a new series of posts related to music that soothes the soul. I chose Bach’s Goldberg Variations for many reasons. First, I really love the Gould interpretations, their range and their dynamism. Second, Bach really knows how to transport listeners to a new range of emotions far beyond our daily concerns.


Music Memories and Dementia

My grandmother developed dementia toward the end of her life.  She had difficulty remembering who I was–at times not recalling that I was her granddaughter.  Yet, she could recall songs in their entirety.  Although the recollections of her present and more recent life were slipping away, her musical memories were intact!

I came across a fascinating article in the New York Times that describes the powerful role music can play in the lives of those afflicted with Alzheimer’s and dementia.  Click here to read it.